Our business units

Samsic deploys all the necessary resources to ensure the comfort, well-being and security of passengers in airports.
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Agri-Food Industry
Samsic optimizes your production sites, in compliance with the requirements of a sensitive and highly regulated sector.
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Samsic enhances your retail space and, through the superior quality of the services delivered, helps build customer loyalty and drive your performance ...
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Samsic contributes to the comfort, health and well-being of patients and residents of healthcare and residential facilities.
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Transport - Logistics
Samsic deploys a range of services to optimize the flow of goods and logistics.
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Tertiary and Head Offices
Samsic designs, develops and delivers solutions for the quality of life in the workplace, the well-being and performance of your employees.
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Samsic's greatest asset is our employees who work every day to satisfy the group's 25,000 customers.